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We design solar systems in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations, and domestic (HRN) and international (IEC) standards.


We produce photovoltaic systems that can be divided into two basic groups.

The first group is the so-called standalone or island systems, where the electricity generated is usually stored in batteries or accumulators.

The second, nowadays, increasingly widespread and modern ones are grid systems, which transmit the generated electricity into the electricity system and solar public lighting.

The most popular solution we offer is a turnkey system that includes a complete solution from initial paperwork, design, system setup and connecting the system to the network.


Consulting and collaborating with private companies, OPGs and local communities on writing strategies, planning documents and organizing public events.
Business consulting on renewable energy use and energy efficiency.

Sustainable solutions

We offer complete solutions for smart and sustainable systems for local communities as well as private and commercial properties. Waste management solutions, eMobility, smart lighting.

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