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Support of professors and experts in the field of energy and sustainable development

“The adventure they are entering should go from the bottom, energy transition projects should be small, so they need a lot of energy to start the solarization of Croatia, one roof, one solar power plant.”

Neven Duić, PhD, Full professor, University of Zagreb

“Matija and Matej have strong support from me to be persistent in the idea of opening a company that will design and install photovoltaic power plants.”

Ljubomir Majdandžić, PhD, Full professor, University of Osijek

julije domac

“The new green economy that I strongly advocate for can no longer be an end-to-end economy measured by abstract indicators and short-term profits, but should be an economy that is socially and environmentally sustainable, and that serves the growth of social capital and the welfare economy. Initiatives of young professionals, desire and will for sustainable projects is exactly what we need to support and what we need to invest in.”

Julije Domac, PhD, REGEA

“Who can bring about the necessary changes in our society? First of all, young and brave people with competencies. My former students, Matija Sučić and Matej Stipeljković, are certainly among them. Have courage and listen to their advice.”

Slaven Dobrović, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Zagreb

Prof. Slaven Dobrović
julije domac
Many today are convinced of the great potential of renewable energy sources, and in order to use them properly, you need the right team of people as there is in the MS2-Energo company. With their enthusiasm and expertise, they are on a great path to help individuals and organizations use the potentials of renewable energy sources in a profitable way.

Miro Hegedić, PhD, Assistant professor, University of Zagreb

“Having your own company is certainly not easy, but Matej and Matija will prove to us that this is exactly what we need and what will bring out the energy transition.”

Goran Krajačić, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Zagreb

“We are proud of MS2 Energo as our caring and detail-oriented BISOL ambassador, creating a cleaner environment with us and ensuring energy independence in the future!”

Maruša Žlof, International Sales at BISOL Group

maruša žlof

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