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Implementation of renewable energy sources and smart solutions

Energy prices are constantly rising, but nature still gives its energy for free. Invest in renewable energy and in your independence from rising electricity prices.
You are on the right path to the future with us.

Our story

Encouraged by the need to find sustainable solutions and the environmental hazards that threaten the community, the two young engineers decided to enter entrepreneurial waters.

Matija Sučić, and Matej Stipeljković, as part of the international project “Yenesis”, funded by Norwegian funds, opened a company with the aim of implementing renewable energy sources and smart solutions in daily life.

The company’s headquarters are located on the island of Čiovo, in the heart of Dalmatia, and as such represents a huge potential for creating a green – sustainable story on our islands and coast, but also in the mainland of Croatia.

Added value


All work was mentored by prof.dr.dc. Ljubomir Majdandžić, the founder of solarization in the Republic of Croatia.


…has been established with some of the largest experts on sustainable and smart solutions and the implementation of RES in the Republic of Croatia – Neven Duić, Goran Krajačić and Slaven Dobrović. Read more about our professional associates.


The most important moments


MS2 Energo logo
Opening a company

  • Two young engineers Matija Sučić and Matej Stipeljković decide to enter the entrepreneurial waters in the desire to create a green and sustainable story on our islands, the coast and the continental part of Croatia by implementing renewable energy sources and smart solutions

The first power plant

  • The first photovoltaic power plant directed by MS2 energo d.o.o. it was built on a private house on the island of Čiovo with co-financing by FZOEU

Team expansion

  • During the second year of operation, the team expanded significantly, and today MS2 energo d.o.o. has more than 12 employees, some of whom are responsible for assembly, and some for design and administration

100th project

  • After a little more than two years of operation, MS2 enego d.o.o. in its archive it has more than 100 completed solar power plants in the area from Župa Dubrovačka to Samobor, of which the largest number is in central Dalmatia and Istria

The first power plant for entrepreneurship

  • In addition to solar power plants on family houses, MS2 energo d.o.o. more and more projects are also working on facilities intended for entrepreneurship – production halls, cold stores, coffee bars and the like

Solar roofing tile

  • MS2 energo d.o.o. the first in Croatia to create a solar power plant in the form of a coupe canal in the Varoš district in Split

Be a part of this green – sustainable story

MS2 Energo team

MS2 energo - Zaposlenici

MS2 Energo CEOs:
Matija Sučić, M.Sc.Mech.Eng.
Matej Stipeljković, M.Sc.Mech.Eng.

Nikola Čotić, mag. ing. el. techn. inf.
Area of work: Project Manager.
In cooperation with our colleagues, we find optimal solar power plants, taking into account the needs of our clients.

Nikola Čotić
Luka Bralić

Luka Bralić, bacc. ing. el.
The area of my work is the creation of project documentation and administrative work.
I spend my time at work learning more about renewable energy sources and the ways they affect the world we live in. By meeting interesting partners, I use the opportunity to expand my professional knowledge.

Paulina Jašić, mag.oec.
By investing in solar power plants, we achieve economic profitability and energy independence while simultaneously preserving the environment.

Paulina Jašić
Lukša Benić

Lukša Benić, student, 22 y.o.
The field of my work is the creation of projects and project documentation. A pleasant working environment enables me to successfully perform my work. I recognize the great benefit of solar power plants in creating a better energy situation in our country.

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